December 1st: DistENDed cinema: Temporal flow in the wake of sound…


Outpost Artist Resources

1665 Norman Street, Ridgewood, New York

2013 Episode 4 – Hypnogogia – 
Realtime Audio-Visual Performances


Bob Bellerue

bicamRL AV: David Linton w/ Alex Waterman


David Lublin & Stephan Moore


foci + loci : Chris Burke & Tamara Yadao


Naval Cassidy (aka Jon Giles )

Katherine Liberovskaya & Al Margolis (If,Bwana)


Kurt Ralske w/ Daniel Carter, 
Miriam Atkin, & Janathan Wood Vincent

Richard Garet

Ursula Scherrer & Bruce Andrews & Shelley Hirsch


door @ 6:30PM… potluck (as in bring something to eat or share) and drinks… etc

20 min sets start at 7:30 

admission is $10 for this one since it’s one of the best AV bills of the century.. and there are so many performers… etc… and there may yet be more surprises!!! 

“distENDed cinema: Temporal flow in the wake of sound” is an ongoing series for realtime media performance curated by David Linton and presented by Outpost Artists Resources… stay tuned for quarterly programs in 2014!    


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