All songs written by Jonathan

PARIS LETTUCEjdrawing1version29

I see you or you me I see you see you

And the boo the goose that shoots will choose the shoes to lose to you

The life so small it sucks its guts it tries to stand up in January snow-O,

The children laugh every time he falls so he falls again

Breaking all his bones on Saturday, but Sunday he comes back to play

You know me you say you I do love you

But then I so jealous Paris lettuce holding hands at the zoo

Very educated frigid itching verifiable

Inside a man, everyone goes to a promised land

So armies run around in my merry land

And all those that ever had such baby eating ways

Fall into the deepest fiery pit where they will wait until the morning

So you see what I can give you for awhile?

See where we will wander on a holiday?

See what I can show you on a Saturday?

See what I can give you?

Oh, my love

And when the pillories rise and castles fall on me

With the smallest motion my body will soon come free

Believe me.



The rich, they are the most sick people in all the world

The most oppressed, the most suffering the most killed the most controlled the most bleeding, the most needing!

They are so tired, they just want friends, they want community, they want a life without impunity.

They want time to be free to make art and play music and to be free from the demands of their parents and the plans of their countries and the pains in their bodies.

Free to learn languages and hobbies and to decide what their job is and if they want one. The rich, they are the most sick people in all the world!

They want the good but all around it looks so bad and everybody wants the things they have it’s just madness.

They want to fall in love like everybody else does without looks or books or charts or cameras invading their lives.

So let them live like they’d like and how and with whom and where and when without limitations to or expectations or diagnoses or judgments regarding their experience!

Because the world is a majestic kingdom of surprises just waiting for our wits to grow so much sharper and the needle breaks the skin and the string ties us to it but we all make it so much harder and the rich, they are the most sick people in all the world!

Every time I think I look at you I see the sun in my eyes. The sun in my eyes!

The light falls on trees that loom long in the fields planted blue in the sky the clouds resemble you the fruits drip among into the mouth’s tongues in tunes sounded loud when rivers fail to stimulate the fruits drip rivulets and the smell of bruises in the light from cigarettes that burn the places far away it’s outside in wind that piles the sand in mountaintops blowing up land hands faces stuffed with hands in pockets deep in the pants of a woman’s white jacket who lies in the sun with a wide hat on and the black falls down her belly’s body sewn legs grown feet brown leaks into the mud into oil into blood into crust into molten reptilian nickel core Jeffersonian freedom fois gras gun battles into flowers painted new holiday happy lapdog booties into cars on spoons skin pigment fingered shit victims of still born babies blue bodied zoos

I’ll take care of you I’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of you!

When you’ve gone so far away across the sea I am the air the arrows shooting high into the low lying trees I will please the rich, they are the most sick people in all the world and I’ll take good care of you!



You’ve grown old

Everybody knows

You stay inside you’re grey and tired

You’re dying like a wild animal

Now all your friends have left you. They’ve left you now. They’ve all gone away.

And so now it’s time to come with us today

Come live on our boat on the Hudson River

Where we’ve planted trees and grass and flowers

Here you’ll grown old but no one knows

You’ve lost your clothes and you don’t want them back

And on our boat you can feed on our giant breasts manufactured from genuine human flesh

Urinate anywhere anytime you stop to rest make manure in wide fields of weeds and grass

Our boat is called Sam, it’s called Sam, after a dead man.

It’s got an English garden on top and beaches on small ponds, long pools and forests with flies

And we chart our course for the most temperate climates ’cause everyone on board is dying dying!

I’m dying You’re dying She’s dying, he’s dying, we’re dying, their dying, who’s dying?

Like a wild animal, baby!

On our boat you can’t go wrong. Our pretty pear trees fruit all year long.

Bring your pets. They will thrive. And then they’ll eat you when you die

Now all your friends are with you. They’re with you now.

They won’t go away. Since you’ve come back home with us to die

Like an animal

Like a buffalo

Like a kangaroo

Like a flamingo

Nobody’s gonna give you pills. Nobody’s gonna keep you in a room. Nobody’s gonna put diapers on you. Nobody’s gonna feed you with a spoon. Nobody’s gonna brush you hair or dress you up or make you look nice. Nobody cares, nobody sees, nobody knows and nobody’s uptight. It’s just the sun and the wind and the moon and the rain and bones and blood and flesh and brains and bones and blood and flesh and brains and bones and blood and flesh and brains and love


and pain.












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